Top 5 Best Butyrate Supplements for Leaky Gut Cure

Butyrate is a fat that belongs to a special family of fats known as short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs).  SCFAs are produced in your gut when your friendly digestive bacteria ferment dietary fiber.  Butyrate stands out among the SCFA family because it’s the most effective in healing your gut if it has become leaky.

A leaky gut develops when the cells that make up the walls of your intestines no longer bind together tightly the way they should.  This allows dangerous bacteria, toxins and food particles to get into your body that can make you sick.

Butyrate can help ease the symptoms of a leaky gut by reducing inflammation caused by the toxins and bacteria and helping your intestinal cells grow stronger and healthier.

You can make more of your own butyrate naturally by eating lots of fiber-rich foods.  You can also get some butyrate directly out of your diet by eating small amounts of grass-fed butter each day.  You can also increase your butyrate levels by taking a butyrate supplement.

When choosing a butyrate supplement, there are a few factors you should keep in mind to make sure you are getting an effective product.  Whenever possible:

  • opt for powdered butyrate supplements as these are the most easily broken down and absorbed  
  • make sure your supplement contains no fillers or additives, which just take up space and don’t offer you any health benefits
  • check that the supplement’s company is reputable
  • read customer reviews to ensure the product has been well received  

Butyrate is extremely safe to take when it’s used at a reasonable dose.  As long as you stick to the recommended dosage range, the only side effects you’ll experience will be positive ones.  

The recommended dosage for butyrate is 300 mg per day.  It likely doesn’t matter exactly when you take your daily butyrate dosage, or if you take it with food or not, as long as you are consistent and take it every day.  

Based on these criteria, the top 5 best butyrate supplements on the market are:

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